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this happened: The Message


The worst thing is the message that this sends

I assume you know me, as we are Tumblr friends.
I assume you know my temperament.
I assume you know how prone I am to search for peaceful resolution.
I assume you know that I am generally articulate and respectful.

Let’s for argument’s sake…

Keep Left

"The British custom of keeping to the left developed from jousting when competitors needed to keep their javelin or sword hand free to meet the oncoming horseman.  As most people were right-handed this meant passing each other on the left. 

The Continental custom of driving on the right was introduced by the Emperor Napoleon, who was left handed.  Since it was he who established the first road system across most of Europe, right-hand drive was adopted on the Continent”

via Christopher Winn ~ I Never Knew That About London

The 1975 - Chocolate

I cannot live without this on my drive to work at the moment.

Who-witz: Boylston, and Cataloguing Bedtime


After finally taking the hot shower my body had been screaming for all day, I toweled off my wet skin, wrapped the cloth around my waist to make a snug towel-skirt, played with my hair in the mirror for a few minutes, returned to my room to put on some briefs and a t, went back again to the…

at Cape of Good Hope
Who said they don’t get rain in Africa? (at Waterkloof Estate)

We were there.

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5 hours of rugby is hard work.

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Windows of New York

Graphic designer José Guízar’s obsession with the windows and fire escapes of NYC.